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Take advantage of our expert experience in the field of industrial cleaning, removal of coating and impurities from the most varied surfaces used in industry. The company F. T. G. Industrial cleaning employs the brand new and unique cleaning technology Mycon which owns more than 40 patents across the world.

Mycon technology was developed by our partner, German firm Kipp Umwelttechnik who works on its development with the University of Paderborn. Long-term experience in the field of cleaning technology and automation led to the development of the entirely new Mycon process. This technology enables cleaning of a wide range of contaminated materials and surfaces.

The Mycon cleaning processes have also become a part of the development of equipment for restoring diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters. The restoration concept Cleantaxx brings whole new economic savings for servicing vehicles, machines and marine vessels. As a result the branch Clentaxx Czech Republic has come into existence.


Offers of industrial cleaning services

Directly on the customer‘s premises

  • We can travel to a customer’s premises and carry out cleaning on their site.

Company cleaning hall – located on our premises

  • Technology can be transported to our premises by the customer. Once cleaned the customer may collect the equipment or use our return transportation service.
  • We can collect the equipment for cleaning from the customer’s premises and return them once the cleaning process has been completed.

We offer our services for the following industrial fields and branches

  • Čištění DPF v automobilovém průmyslu Automobile industry
  • Čištění v chemickém průmysluChemical industry
  • Čištění - provoz s odpadyWaste disposal
  • Renovace veteránů - odstraňování laku, čištěníVeteran renovation
  • Renovace lodí, odstraňování laku, čištěníBoat renovation
  • Čištění po požárechFire damage
  • Čištění fasádCleaning facades
  • Odstraňování graffitiGraffiti removal
  • Sanace sklepů - čištěníRestoration of cellars
  • Čištění gastro provozůGastronomy
  • Čištění výparníků klimatizacíAir conditioning
  • Čištění chladičůCooling systems
  • Čištění v ocelářském průmysluSteel industry
  • Čištění - automatizaceAutomation
  • Čištění slévárenských forem Foundry industry
  • Čištění - barvy lakyPaints and varnishes
  • Čištění - keramický průmyslCeramic industry
  • Čištění - sklářský průmyslGlass industry
  • Čištění - plastový průmyslPlastic industry
  • Čištění - elektrotechnikaElectrical engineering
  • Čištění - textilní průmyslTextile industry
  • Čištění - tiskařský průmyslPrinting industry
  • Čištění - rafinerieRefineries
  • Čištění - energetikaEnergy
  • Čištění - potravinářský průmyslFood industry


Applications of MYCON cleaning technology

MYCON cleaning technology for industrial machinery not only brings excellent results when cleaning equipment, machines or products, but also interesting energy savings or input service costs. There are clear potential savings for large retail and industrial chains, production facilities, transportation and forwarding firms or city transport companies.

The MYCON cleaning process can cope with large dirt deposits, remove coatings from various types of equipment and technology and remove paint or varnish from various kinds of equipment or structures without difficulty. Last but not least the process can be used for degreasing the majority of metal, plastic and stainless surfaces. Our services can also be used in cases of fire damage to buildings, tunnels and other properties.

Applications of MYCON technology

Automobile industry

  • Prepares plastic parts for varnishing
  • Removes burrs from plastic components
  • Cleans aluminium parts and moulds
  • Prepares parts for coating
  • Removes varnish from vehicles
  • Restores DPF and catalytic convertors

Plastic industry

  • Cleans machinery, equipment and moulds
  • Prepares plastic parts for coating
  • Removes burrs from plastic parts
  • Cleans cisterns (interior and exterior)
  • Cleans pipes

Polygraph industry

  • Cleans machinery and equipment
  • Cleans moulds and rollers
  • Cleans ink tanks (interior and exterior)
  • Cleans screen printing plates

Foundry industry

  • Cleans equipment, moulds and boxes
  • Cleans and removes burrs from components
  • Cleans casts

Ceramic industry

  • Cleans parts and moulds

Glass industry

  • Cleans machinery, equipment and moulds

Waste disposal

  • Removes impurities from containers and pressing machinery

Restoration of vintage vehicles, ships

  • Restores paint on frames of cars, ships and boats

Cleaning of cooling systems

  • 100% restores throughput of slats and honeycomb coolers

Chemical industry

  • Cleans machinery, equipment, cisterns and pipes
  • Cleans heat exchangers
  • Delicately cleans coated surfaces
  • Prepares parts for coating
  • Cleans tanks and cisterns
  • Cleans production lines

Food industry

  • Cleans machinery, equipment chains and ovens
  • Cleans containers (exterior and interior)
  • Cleans conveyor belts and rollers
  • Cleans switch cabinets
  • Cleans plastic mesh

Steel industry

  • Degreases and removes oil from machinery
  • Cleans production lines, machinery and equipment
  • Cleans cylinders and tubes
  • Cleans oxidised layers after heat treatment

Electrical engineering industry

  • Cleans electronic components
  • Removes oxidised layers
  • Degreases components

Fire damage

  • Removes staining from smoke (tunnels and buildings)

Cleaning of facades

  • Cleans aluminium and glass facades

Graffiti removal

  • Removes paint


  • Removes grease and dirt from gastro equipment and covers

Graffiti removal

  • Removes spray paint from facades, concrete walls etc.


The diverse uses of Mycon technology are considerably greater. Constant development, testing and innovation of the technology bring us new possibilities in the cleaning of various industrial surfaces. We will always recommend you the best Mycon technology in order to meet your needs. You can send requests and enquiries via our enquiry form which can be found on this site under the section Contact.

Mycon - video

  • Video - ukázka použití technologie JetMasterJetMaster
  • Video - ukázka použití technologie PowerMasterPowerMaster
  • Video - ukázka použití technologie IceMasterIceMaster


MYCON Technology

Mycon Technology has been developed from long-term experience working in the field of industrial cleaning. More than 40 patented cleaning processes offer various uses for many kinds of materials and equipment. It offers a wide range of uses in almost every branch of industry. Certain cleaning processes are directly intended for use on very sensitive materials, on which they have been previously tested. The results of renovation have proven to be friendly to the treated surfaces, constructions or equipment. The considerable cleaning power combined with its friendliness to surfaces and equipment is a clear advantage of Mycon technology. Our equipment for industrial cleaning or renovation is presented below.


The very effective and economical cleaning of compressors, radiators and air conditioning that Mycon technology provides is unrivalled. During these cleaning processes the equipment is thoroughly cleaned without any resulting damage to plates of cooling equipment. Aluminium or zinc coated plates are in no way bent out of shape and the viability and functionality of the equipment is 100% restored. JetMaster may also be used for surfaces which require very delicate treatment. Further information about the equipment can be found here.


  • Treats of heat exchangers, radiators and compressors
  • Cleans facades and tiled anodized aluminium walls
  • Cleans tile walls in tunnels and passages
  • Removes graffiti
  • Delicately cleans coated surfaces

JetMaster - video






Thick layers of dirt, paint and varnish are very effectively removed. After treatment the original surface shows no signs of damage, even on polished and smooth surfaces. With the aid of various sized nozzles and air pressure it is possible to achieve cleaning with various levels of efficiency. Along with a cavitation effect an optimal end result with absolute removal of impurities, varnishes and dirt layers is achieved on pieces of technology. We also employ harmless abrasive granules for renovation purposes. More information about the equipment can be found here.


  • Removes burrs from plastic and aluminium components
  • Removes graffiti
  • Cleans tile walls in tunnels and passages
  • Prepares plastic surfaces for varnishing
  • Cleans surfaces for application of a new coat
  • Cleans various kinds of cooking moulds
  • Cleans production lines

PowerMaster - video





Used for degreasing and removing impurities from surfaces of equipment and subsequent disinfection with the use of liquid carbon dioxide. This is mixed with high air pressure inside the nozzle achieving highly effective cleansing. It is frequently put into operation when emphasis is placed on low waste production and contamination of surrounding technology. It brings considerable benefits for automated operation with its use of robotics in which it is irreplaceable. For cleaning it uses a combination of liquid CO2 and compressed air. Further information about the equipment can be found here.


  • Cleans gastro moulds
  • Cleans containers and crates
  • Cleans welds and solder joints
  • Cleans electronic devices
  • Cleans production lines and conveyor belts
  • Cleans switchboards
  • Delicately cleans coated surfaces
  • Degreases all types of components
  • Removes oxidized layers
  • Restores DPF filters and catalytic convertors

IceMaster - video



DPF-Catalyst cleaning

DPF – diesel particulate filter/ catalytic converter

More information on DPF KAT here - Cleantaxx Czech Republic & Slovakia

Economic and very efficient renovation of DPF and catalytic converters thanks to the Cleantaxx process

F. T. G. - industrial cleaning performs on all types and makes of diesel particulate filters, catalytic converters, coated and uncoated ceramic filters, sintered metal filters and catalysts. We can remove oil, soot and remnants of ash particles from the filter housing. Our method of cleaning diesel particulate filters restores filters to their original fully functional state. According to the kind of impurity and type of filter we apply up to 12 different methods of cleaning. It is not important, whether the body of the filter is open or enclosed in steel housing. We have a method to cope with everything. If you are interested you can make an enquiry with no obligation here:

Filtr pevných částic (DPF) - autobusy  Filtr pevných částic (DPF) - nákladní vozidla  Filtr pevných částic (DPF) - dodávky Filtr pevných částic (DPF) - vysokozdvižné vozíky Filtr pevných částic (DPF) - lokomotivy Filtr pevných částic (DPF) - lodní doprava  Filtr pevných částic (DPF) - stavební stroje   Filtr pevných částic (DPF) - tepelné elektrárny

The TAXX cleaning method uses Mycon technology which has its own cleaning patent. Our partner Cleantaxx based in Germany with several new branches in EU countries has clearly convinced customers with its economic, effective and high quality cleaning of DPF and catalytic converters. The volume of enquiries has increased considerably and for that reason we and our partner would like to offer these services to garages, vehicle owners, and owners of other technology with diesel engines in the Czech Republic.

We clean diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters for:

other vehicles and machines with compression and diesel engines from all manufacturers. Use our enquiry form for a quote.                        

We offer a number of possible services:

  • Restoration of filters with a waiting period of 3 - 4 working days (pick-up - renovation – delivery of the restored filter).
  • Sale of new catalysts for commercial vehicles EURO IV and EURO V – we supply catalysts from leading manufacturers at competitive prices. All catalytic converters are in their original state with the highest quality filters.
  • Sale of new DPF filters for retrofitting vehicles EURO I, EURO II a EURO III.

Diesel particulate filters/catalytic converters- TAXX cleaning method

With the cleaning of diesel particulate filters we not only provide documentation but also measure back-pressure filters and test channels for cracks and fractures both before and after cleaning. That is why we guarantee successful and high quality results.
Cleaning diesel particulate filters requires various processes, which gently remove oil, soot and ash particles from the filter housing, whilst in no way damaging the filter material.
Our cleaning of DPF and catalytic converters significantly reduce the costs which would be incurred by buying new replacements. Our service therefore actively contributes to protecting the environment. The TAXX cleaning process is an ideal solution to reduce downtime. For example cleaning DPF filters takes only one working day.

Starý DPF Staý versus renovovaný filtr DPF  Renovace DPF Renovovaný DPF

We clean catalytic converters for vehicles of class Euro 4, 5 and EEV


If you are interested in a no-obligation quote, cleaning or restoration of catalytic converters, please complete the enquiry form.

Protocol for cleaning – documentation confirming the quality of cleaning

We provide a list of all test data and data concerning treatment with results of the passability and cleanliness of catalysts, filters and components. This report confirms the high quality of our cleaning. Our method guarantees professional and economical cleaning. To this end its own testing system has been developed.

certifikát TUV     Certifikát TUV profi     Certifikát TUV profi 


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